Elected Officials - County Level

Commissioners:    Four (4) year term of office

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Next Elected: 2019
Susan Byrnes (Rep) Doug Hoke (Dem) Chris Reilly (Rep)
717-771-9301 717-771-9302 717-771-9303
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Row Offices:   Four (4) year term of office

Next Elected: 2021
Robb Green (Rep) Pam Gay (Rep) Dave Sunday (Rep) Laura Shue (Rep)
Controller Coroner District Attorney Recorder of Deeds
Next Elected: 2019
Don O'Shell (Rep) Pam Lee (Rep) Brad Jacobs (Rep)
Clerk of Courts Prothonary Register of Wills
Keurleber (Rep) Barabara Bair (Rep)
Sheriff Treasurer

Court of Common Pleas:    Elected as needed

Pennsylvania is one of 42 states that hold elections for judicial positions. There are 439 judges serving on the local courts of common pleas, elected to 10-year terms in partisan elections. Candidates may cross-file with both political parties for the partisan primaries, which are followed by general elections where the primary winners from each party compete.

Judges must run in yes-no retention elections if they wish to continue serving after their first term. A separate part of the ballot is designated for these elections, and judges' names appear without respect to party affiliation.

These are the current members of the York County Court of Common Pleas: (Listed alphbetically)
The Honorable:
Joseph C. Adams, Michael E. Bortner, Maria Musti Cook, Christy H Fawcett, Michael W. Flannelly, John S. Kennedy, N. Chris Menges, Harry M. Ness, Todd R. Platts, Kathleen J. Prendergast, Richard K. Renn, Gregory M. Snyder, Andrea Marceca Strong, Craig T. Trebilcock

Senior Judges:
John H.Chronister, Stephen P. Linebaugh