YCFDW Members Run for Public Office

2017 November General Election Candidates
These members of YCFDW are running for office and will appear on the November 7 General Election Ballot. Each of these candidates is a Democrat. In some cases (school board candidates, judicial candidates), candidates are eligible to 'cross-file' and their name may appear on the Republican side of the ballot as well.  Conversely, Republican candidates' names may appear on the Democratic ballot. It is important to know which candidate belongs to which party. The candidates highlighted here are DEMOCRATS. Please give them your support and your votes! 
Available information on these candidates may be found if you click here.

Sandra Thompson, Esq.
Court of Common Pleas
York County, PA

Mayor C. Kim Bracey
York City Mayor

Maribel Burgos
Recorder of Deeds
York County, PA

 Deborah (Yonick) Kalina
School Board Director
Southern York County (PA)
Lisa Kennedy
York City School Board

Joyce Vandersloot
West York School Director

 Photo Not Available